3.07.2019 – The day after The Day

Juris is writing:
After the eclipse day, the morning is a bit slow as we finished last night quite late, due to the usual after-eclipse traffic jams.

We start the morning with packing and later split up- some of us top up supplies in a nearby supermarket, others deal with postcards, stamps and post office.
Today we have to do the first leg of our long drive north to Antofagasta. Today’s aim is to reach Copiapo, some 350km from La Serena.

We start by visiting a small coastal town Huasco and have the first short stroll near its lighthouse. Probably no longer functional, it has become a large scale canvas for wall paintings.

In early afternoon we find a splendid spot for picnic format dinner. Slightly off the road, on little hill, with a view towards the ocean- everything tastes great- how could it not, in such a place?
We continue our drive North, spending hours with different shades of ocean on the left and desert and mountains on the right.

Couple of hours later we arrive at Playa Chorillos, where we have a plan for couple of kilometres walk near ocean. The place is beautiful, and our usual “arrive-get-things-done-check-leave” tempo, turns into leisurely and reflective walk, picking stones and seashells, listening to waves and watching birds.
During the walk we notice two guys, chopping and gathering seaweed on the stones in water. On her way back, Andra asks them what they are for- turns out they are using them for mattresses and pillows.

We leave the beach only after sunset and continue our drive, arriving in Copiapo later in the evening.

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